LightSpeed ERP Integration With Magento

If you’re one of the over 50,000 organizations worldwide that use LightSpeed for enterprise resource planning, you already know the features it offers for managing inventory, marketing products, and tracking financials. If you also use Magento for your e-commerce site, you’ve experienced its retail analytics, customer relationship tools, and simple, secure payment processing. What you might not realize is that the two systems don’t have to function independently. When you integrate LightSpeed ERP with your e-commerce site, they share data and capabilities to make both a stronger combined tool than they provide individually.

LightSpeed Integration Benefits

When you offer products for sale on your Magento site and post them through additional marketing channels like Amazon and eBay, you can track data from online sales through your Magento website. As soon as customers place an online order, Magento processes the payment and sends a notification for fulfillment. The contact information saves to Magento for follow-up marketing campaigns and the site also automatically generates an email with tracking information.

Businesses capture the same information using LightSpeed at brick and mortar stores. LightSpeed offers integrated payments for extreme flexibility and supplies excellent customer support for onboarding and continuing operations. Customer loyalty programs keep shoppers coming back and inventory management tracks stock from vendor to store delivery.

When the two systems run separately, some of their processes duplicate each other. Whether your merchandise sells online and ships to a client or a client buys it in store, the transaction involves cost and profit for you. Integration combines data from both online and point-of-sale transactions.

When customer service members can view purchases that consumers made in store and online, they have deeper insight into buyer behavior. When stakeholders see all available data from every source, you can customize both online and in-store shopping to make it even more inviting.

Your LightSpeed ERP Integration Facilitators

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