SalesForce CRM Integration With Magento

SalesForce CRM Integration With Magento

No matter the size of your business, if you’re in e-commerce, your relationship with users is the key to success. Today’s customer wants to feel every interaction was developed just for them, from first contact to order delivery. Small businesses rely on SalesForce CRM to find more prospects, pursue leads, nurture relationships, and encourage repeat business.

Magento gives e-commerce owners everything they need for online sales. Build your store any way you want with open-source code and no licensing renewals. You can sell to anyone on the planet, since Magento processes multiple forms of currency. Reach more users with mobile optimization and search engine-friendly formats. Use Magento and SalesForce as one unit when you call Forix to implement your integration.

Post-Integration Benefits

With Magento, users can administer as many as 20 online stores from one dashboard. SalesForce CRM stores customer data from every source. Integration combines all that data to provide these benefits:

Synchronize bi-directionally. Your brand interacts with customers on social media, through your website, at retail stores, and through marketing campaigns. When Magento and SalesForce operate separately, customer data falls through the cracks or is inaccurately transferred by human hands. After integration, when a customer orders through Magento, their input transfers to SalesForce. Magento can also access information from SalesForce in near real time.

Improve the user experience. Customers see the most up-to-date information and marketers receive insight from Magento transactions. When customers abandon shopping carts, integrated systems send them a personalized email using information from SalesForce CRM.

Nurture more leads. More data means improved insight into customer behavior patterns and transactions. Systems store data on what was effective and what led to lost sales.

Practiced SalesForce CRM Integration

You use SalesForce CRM because you want to make the most of your relationships. You chose Magento for e-commerce to provide the best online shopping experience. Continue your pursuit of excellence by connecting the two systems with Forix. Speak with our Magento-certified Managed Support team to start working toward your integration today.