SKUVault ERP Integration with Magento

When organizations have disjointed systems and the need for data entry from a variety of sources, they often choose SKUVault ERP. The cloud-based inventory management system helps e-commerce merchants avoid out of stock inventory, work more efficiently, and transfer data from sales, orders, and returns.

Magento is the e-commerce solution preferred by businesses and web developers for its easily customized features, superior data reporting, and extensive marketing capabilities. What many retailers don’t realize is that Magento and SKUVault ERP don’t have to be accessed as two separate systems. Integration allows them to share data and function as one.

Benefits of Integrating Magento With SKUVault

One of the biggest benefits of integrating your e-commerce site with your ERP is the reduced number of errors that come with duplicate data entry. Instead, integration automates data transfer and eliminates the need for human interaction.

SKUVault ERP tracks everything that happens with your merchandise. From the moment you order from vendors until items ship to customers, your ERP records its location and quantities. The problem is, clients don’t place orders in SKUVault. They view products online through your Magento site. As new inventory arrives in your warehouse, they can’t see it. When you run out of a product, it may still show as available on your e-commerce store. Someone must physically transfer that information between systems.

Integration makes that transfer instantaneous. Your online store offers clients exactly what you can provide in a timely manner. They see your latest, most updated offerings, and they’re never disappointed to find they’ve ordered something you can’t provide.

In the warehouse, workers know immediately when it’s time to pick, pack, and ship. If a customer updates their shipping address, the change is available in SKUVault immediately. Use up-to-the-minute data to make decisions and plan for the future.

Professional SKUVault ERP Integration

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