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E-commmerce needs a great platform for their services, and none is better than Magento. Developing Magento on your website, however, can be challenging if you are just starting out – or even if you’re an established brand with too many moving pieces. Finding the right developer for your needs is vital for a smooth, stable integration process.


Introducing Forix – Managed Magento Services and Support


At Forix, we have over 60 Magento 2 certifications. Our award-winning team of designers and developers have a collected 750+ website launches under our belt with a team of more than 100 employees.


Forix provides a myriad of managed technical services and integration for your Magento-based platform. We offer ongoing maintenance and development for your platforms and integrate with many top brands, services, and technologies in e-commerce. Our integrations include:




Enterprise Resource Planning services work well with Magento. Since an ERP is a useful software for managing inventory and resource management, it makes sense that integrating with an e-commerce website support platform like Magento will improve your functionality for both programs.


Forix can provide ongoing support and managed technical services for many different ERPs, including the following:


  • Sage – Efficiently managed customer data in a Magento platform.
  • NetSuite – Enhance your office’s ability to fulfill orders and update products.
  • AS/400 – Access both services from the same dashboard and continue to receive support on this efficient legacy software.
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP – Enhance data tracking and visualization with integration.
  • SAP – Bidirectional data flow that saves time between the two services.
  • Celerant Technology Corp. – real-time inventory management and monitoring for ongoing processes.
  • Retail Pro – Combine these services to merge your transaction and storefront website tools in one powerful system.
  • Syspro – Powerful integration means minimal maintenance for maximum benefit.
  • Retail Ops – Rapid data flow and optimized order fulfillment for your website.
  • Epicor – Simplify data processing and enhance order fulfillment speed.
  • Intuit QuickBooks – Combine the world’s most powerful accounting tool directly with your e-commerce storefront to maximize data exchange with minimal maintenance required.
  • Freestyle – Managed inventory flow and data exchange on one platform.
  • Odoo – Allows multiple store management and developer processes from one, easy to use platform.
  • Lightspeed – Track external sales data on your Magento website.
  • SKUVault – Minimize maintenance needs by preventing data errors.
  • 3PL – Automated data transfer without needed a third-party developer or agency sending information.


For a breakdown of each ERP platform’s potential for your website and e-commerce store, check out the links above. You can always contact Forix for ongoing technical support or to find out how integration can benefit your website.




Managed customer relationships are key for a successful e-commerce vendor’s growth and conversion. Integrating your CRM software, then, allows you to maximize the power of both services and benefit your storefront website and customer interactions.


  • SalesForce – You will no longer need to transfer customer data from separate platforms manually. Data flow becomes bidirectional and lets you customize Magento information based on SalesForce data.
  • SugarCRM – Maximize efficiency by consolidating data from multiple stores onto one administrative panel with minimal maintenance.
  • Microsoft Dynamics – Provide quick access to your entire customer base for marketing campaigns through integration.




Adding a Product Information Management tool to your Magento storefront makes perfect sense – you have access to the web’s most powerful e-commerce tool and the best developer tools for managing your products.


  • Akeneo – Managed platform integration with multiple device access.
  • Salsify – Access powerful product information tools while consolidating with Magento.
  • EnterWorks – Consistent product information exchange in one convenient location.




Simplify your email marketing campaigns with Magento integration.


  • Emarsys – Automated follow up with customers and managed data administration from one platform.
  • DotMailer – Access powerful email marketing tool from your Magento website.
  • Bronto – Agency connections and rapid data transfer.
  • Listrak – Managed personalization tools that allow maximized customer sales.


Other Integrations


With a wide variety of business tools available online, Forix can integrate with many other products and solutions across the web.


  • SPS Commerce EDI – Quick agency onboarding with easy-to-use Magento sales information integration.
  • Zendesk – Enhanced support collaboration and customer contact.
  • GoDataFeed – Centralized and accessible data with quick developer access.
  • Avalara – Rapid financial and tax information exchange that keeps your website and company in compliance.
  • ChannelAdvisor – Manage your cross-channel retail strategies with multiplatform power.


Our integrations offer superior website services for e-commerce big and small. Partnering with Forix as a developer means we can provide the ongoing support necessary for maintenance with these – and other – business services. As a leading web developer worldwide, Forix possesses the expertise your firm needs for integration.


Forix also has an experienced Magento support team that is more than happy to take on your upcoming Magento integration. We can assist in merging your software with Magento and answer, resolve, and manage any technical support problems that show up along the way. Our experience as a web developer means we maximize your user experience for internal and external services. Reach out to our integration experts and they’d be happy to answer any of your questions.



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